Our Story...

At Front Of Mind we knew we wanted a platform to share and spark conversation around mental health.

We jumped straight into the deep end and decided to launch our own clothing brand...

Image by Joanna Kosinska

Front Of Mind Clothing?...

Image by Remy Gieling

One thing we knew from the start was that the manufacturing had to be ethical; that staff were treated and paid fairly and that child labour was an absolute no.

We decided to look for manufacturers in Europe and eventually found the perfect one.

We are proud to share that our factory has certifications in both fabrics and social responsibility:



Social Responsibility

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Click here to see what these certifications represent.

Image by Cytonn Photography

Coming up with stylish designs that sent a clear message and sparked conversation about mental health was a very fun and rewarding process.

The whole team were on board, coming up with designs and new ideas every day.